My name is Ce'Asia

I am 23, born and raised in Virginia.

As we all know 2020 was pretty rough for most. I started finding new hobbies for us to take on around March. Skin and body care seemed to be the most needed due to our restrictions on going outside. Understanding the benefits of certain ingredients intrigued me to become interested in living a healthier lifestyle. I make everything from home with the help 5 year old son, my son. His name is TJ.

In case you are wondering how our name Creative Xpressionz ties into what we do; Throughout the very beginning of our journey I noticed that being crafty and creative was a hobby for Tj. He enjoyed D.i.y projects, painting, coloring in books etc. When he started to pick up making his own little batches of products that's all he wanted to do! He wanted to remake everything even the I'm

We find joy in crafting and making our products.